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Baby Girl’s First Easter + First Easter Basket

I have been totally behind with documenting baby girl’s firsts.

Mostly because a lot of her firsts weren’t done with us and instead were done in the NICU.  Her first bath, her first poopie diaper, the first time she took a bottle, etc.  Sometimes, when I’m being super duper selfish, I get angry that those moments were stolen from us but then I think of all the amazing things those wonderful nurses and doctors in the NICU did for baby girl and us and I quickly shut my face and put my thankful hat back on!  I mean lets be honest, there are MANY more firsts coming soon so I will just relish in those!!

Anyways, the point is, I’m getting better at actually documenting the firsts and/or new things in baby girls life.

Easter was a fun one to document because it means a pretty dress, pastels and easter baskets!

Baby girl’s easter basket had some super fun things in it that I found, mostly, from etsy!

1 – felt refillable (I made them refillable) eggs to last forever

2 – bottle labels for daycare.  I was not happy having to write on her bottles (TACKKKYY!!!) so these were a must!  We went with gray and purple for baby girl!

3 – Another Zara dress that I adore — in my favorite color!!

4 – a little perfect organic bunny of love!

5 – my new obsession that I’m sure we will own a million of soon – an organic teether that you can customize!

She also got two more outfits, tons of socks for daycare, Megamind (ok ok that was for us), and we finally ordered her playard.

All in all her first easter basket was quite a success!!  I can’t wait until she can actually enjoy them!!

Sooooo what else did we do this awesome Easter Sunday?

I cleaned out baby girl’s drawers so that she only has 3 months and 3-6 month clothes in there since she can’t fit in anything else now, went grocery shopping, I cleaned the house, did tons and tons of laundry, we went for a walk and a Sunday drive along the beach, we attempted a family photo with the trusty iPhone which turned out ummmmm interesting………..

We were trying to make baby girl smile but clearly it just made us look crazy!!

And Mommy and Baby Girl got a cute picture together!!

………and cooked some yummy food.

I finally decided to make a baked potato soup recipe I’ve been meaning to make forever from Iowa Girl Eats!  I made mine with the skins intact because it’s the husband’s favorite part, left out the onion and added a lot little more cheese because me love me cheese.  And it was crazy good!!  Both the husband and I could only eat a cup of it because it’s was sooo filling but man was it good!!

I also finally made Iowa Girl Eats Twix Ball recipe!  We loved those yummy chocolate balls!!

Baby Girl ended a fun filled holiday the way her Daddy does.  With her hands in her pants, asleep!  Just kidding no I’m not.

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